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1/3 of women & many men experience some form of spider veins.



                  What are spider veins?

  • Small veins with a red or purple, feathery, fine appearance and/or a blue/green color visible beneath the skin’s surface.
  • These veins can have a characteristic circular form similar to a spider’s web, or their pattern can be independent of other veins.
  • Some types of spider veins can be associated with varying degrees of pain and discomfort.
  • Spider veins are different than varicose veins, which are larger in size and diameter, generally blue in color, can be firm, and often bulge from the skin.
       What is sclerotherapy?
  • The injection of a sclerosing solution into spider veins, which closes them so they no longer carry venous blood.
  • The treated vein segment gradually disappears over a few weeks. 
  • As the most common treatment option available for spider veins, sclerotherapy – considered the worldwide “gold standard” – is a safe, effective, nearly painless procedure used to treat spider veins on the legs, ankles, feet and sometimes other parts of the body.

             Why choose Beverly Hills Sclerotherapy?

  • A Board Certified Nurse Practitioner, with vascular and plastic surgery experience who specializes in veins, treats all patients.  A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon is available for consultation.
  • We utilize proven pharmaceuticals, state of the art light-imaging equipment and laser therapies to locate and eliminate difficult to detect “feeder veins”, the blood supply to spider veins, frequently missed in conventional treatment.  This ensures a superior and longer lasting result.
  • We specialize solely in the treatment of veins.

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